Justin Timberlake Is Working With Pharrell On A New Album


Justin Timberlake Is Working With Pharrell On A New Album

Earlier this year Justin Timberlake and longtime friend/collaborator Pharrell were photographed in the studio working together, and now it’s been confirmed that they are in fact making Justin’s upcoming album.

In a recent interview with Variety, Timberlake spoke on many topics including working with various artists on his new project, letting the music happen without deadlines, getting to reconnect with Pharrell, his sound being very different than previous material he’s released, shooting movies alongside Woody Allen, contributing to the Trolls soundtrack, and more.

Pharrell had this to say about their new material, “Songwise I think we’ve got a good six that are like, ‘Woah, what was that? Play that again.’ I would pay Justin a huge compliment to say he’s just discovering who he is now. For the biggest pop stars in the world, the place where they have the most trouble is honesty. It’s hard for them to know that the beauty of a record, the sweetest spot in the song, is where they show vulnerability. Because there’s a formulaic sort of vulnerability , like ‘Baby, I can’t sleep without you…’ and that’s not really it. But if you are actually able to screenshot your own vulnerability, and frame it properly, and color-correct it, then it becomes something every human can relate to. And I think Justin is in a place where he is mastering that right now.”

Although there is no release date set for the LP, if it’s anything like their previous work it’ll be worth the wait. Check back for more information as it becomes available.